Tuesday, April 13, 2010


my chamber piece for piano, vibes, and 2 vlns is complete. I'm happy with how the final section turned out, it really unified the material and made it seem like a functional piece of music as opposed to before, when it just resembled a bunch of related-ideas placed together. There is an introduction with a slower tempo that accelerates into the first main section, and I used that intro material to develop in the climax of the piece. It has melodic/rhythmic fragments from the slow intro, but since it remains in the faster tempo, it feels closely related to the other material as well. I also gave it more of a pushing-forward feel with the harmonic decisions I made, and so the material flows quite nicely for a while - this is a nice contrast from the unpredictable and sporadic nature of the previous sections. After this more sonorous and fluent section, a suprise transition back to some staccato figures from before build into the final chord, which (as per usual) has a comedic and insincere effect... this suits the piece, and I do enjoy music that makes people (me) laugh, but someday I would like to write something that is a little more "serious"....

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